We ask a lot from our bodies. From the first time we carry a school bag, until the time we retire to enjoy a bit of gardening, our muscles, skeleton and nervous system are expected to deal with massive range of activities. Some, such as sports, are obviously strenuous. Others, such as poor posture sitting at a desk, are less so.

Sometimes our work, leisure or just the way we live can cause aches and pains in our muscles and joints. These are often in our backs or neck, but can affect any part of the body. Chiropractic Liverpool techniques, developed over many years, are now widely recognised as providing a safe, effective and long lasting way of treating these conditions; avoiding medicinal drugs and invasive techniques.

In Australia, all our chiropractors are registered and government regulated. They will have completed 5 years study at a recognised university and will be continuing their studies with post graduate work, courses and seminars. Indeed, a good family chiropractor never stops learning.

Dr Wayne Gard runs a busy Liverpool Chiropractic clinic based in the Sydney suburb of Liverpool. Over the last 22 years he has helped to improve the lives of patients from Prestons to Lansvale and Moorebank to Mount Pritchard. As with all chiropractors, his approach is based on the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

All consultations start by fully understanding the patients background and history. This is followed by a physical examination and, possibly, X-rays. An individual course of care is then developed to suit the patient, taking into account factors such as the patients age and general health.

Treatments often take take the form of a Chiropractic Adjustment; this means skillfully applying pressure, very precisely, to a joint, gradually helping to free it up and ease its ability to move. Alongside this Dr Gard will discuss ways of helping the healing process and preventing any more problems. Typically these could include diet, posture, suitable exercise and general health.

As with all forms of treatment, chiropractic works best when applied early. Treating a condition which is already causing a lot of pain may be effective but is likely to take longer than dealing with the problem at an early stage. In fact, some patients have regular check-ups to make sure problems don’t develop at all and they stay in great shape.

Whether you’re already suffering from joint pain or simply want to stay in good shape, contacting the Liverpool Natural Health Clinic today could be one of the best phone calls you’ll ever make.

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