A Chiropractor around Cecil Hills uses a specific type of manipulation called an adjustment to improve health complaints relating to your bones and muscles. Common conditions such as back, neck and shoulder pain may therefore benefit from chiropractic treatment.

The basic principle of chiropractic treatment is that changes to the normal structure and function of your bones and muscles produce effects not just in those areas, but in other areas of your body, too. While treatment mainly focuses on your spine, a chiropractor views all of your bones, muscles and nerves as potential sources of pain and discomfort.

What a chiropractor Cecil Hills does

When you see a chiropractor, he will evaluate your health by asking about your complaint and completing a thorough physical examination. This may involve feeling your spine, testing the strength of your muscles, taking your pulse and blood pressure, and requesting x-rays and scans. Some of these initial assessments may seem irrelevant to your complaint, but they will aid a chiropractor in evaluating your needs.

Once a Cecil Hills chiropractor in Liverpool has assessed your body as a whole, he will focus on any misaligned or poorly functioning areas he has identified. As nerves link your spine with the rest of your body, he will determine whether your dysfunctional areas are having an effect elsewhere. For example, if you are experiencing problems with your lower spine, your upper spine may be trying to compensate, causing you to suffer neck and shoulder pain. If you have any pre-existing health conditions or take any prescription medications, a chiropractor will take this into account when assessing your problem and determining your suitability treatment.

When a chiropractor offers you treatment, this will usually involve spinal adjustment. There are a number of different methods of adjustment that a chiropractor can use. However, in most cases, he will use his hands or a small instrument to press or push on your spine. The goal of each adjustment is to correct your spine’s alignment.

You may be adjusted while lying down, standing, sitting or a combination of all three, depending on your symptoms and personal preferences. You may notice popping or clicking sounds during treatment, but these should not cause you any pain or discomfort.

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