A chiropractor near Hammondville is educated in treating conditions affecting the joints and muscles of your body. You may consider consulting a chiropractor because you have heard that he may be able to relieve you of the pain of your stiff back or aching neck. However, a chiropractor may be able to resolve a range of other ailments that may or may not relate to your back or neck, including jaw pain, leg pain, menstrual pain and headaches.

What will happen when I visit a Hammondville chiropractor in Liverpool?

Before you can undergo chiropractic treatment, you will need to attend a consultation with a chiropractor. The purpose of this consultation is to diagnose your problem and determine whether you would benefit from chiropractic care.

During your consultation, a chiropractor Hammondville will ask you a range of questions to paint an accurate picture of the problem that is causing you pain and discomfort. He may also ask you to undress so that he carry out a routine physical exam, then follow it with an exam that focuses on your main complaint. Your exam will typically include a variety of assessments, including muscle strength tests and range of motion tests, all of which will help diagnose your problem.

What is chiropractic treatment?

Following investigating your complaint, a chiropractor will decide on an appropriate course of treatment. Manipulation is the most important technique a chiropractor can use to treat conditions of your spine. It involves moving your joints beyond their usual range of motion with the aim of normalising your functioning and easing, or removing, your pain.

When you undergo manipulation, small bubbles of gas in the synovial fluid between your joints may burst, causing audible popping or snapping sounds. These sounds may cause you alarm, but they are a sign that your treatment is restoring your joint motion.

How can I speed up my recovery?

An important part of your chiropractic treatment involves taking care of yourself. A chiropractor may provide you with a programme of exercises to perform in the comfort of your own home. These exercises are important as they will strengthen the muscles that pull on your bones and enable your body to move.

How can a chiropractor prevent future problems?

Following completing your course of chiropractic tratment, you will need to take action to prevent similar problems from arising in the future. A chiropractor may therefore offer you maintenance care to help you to stay in good health.

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