Camden Chiropractors focus on an alternative medicine that looks at musculoskeletal and related problems, known as Chiropractic. It is a widely used form of treatment for assessing, diagnosing and treating a variety of physical conditions. Chiropractic is primarily used to treat neck and back pain, and also in the limbs or joints; but also specifically for whiplash, chronic headaches, digestive issues, arthritis and scoliosis; which might be the result of subluxation. Many health insurance policies include chiropractic techniques as an effective form of treatment.


Stress of the nervous system can be caused by a number of factors; accidents and injuries, illnesses, emotional and mental stress, the aging process , genetic susceptibility and the patient’s lifestyle; including their diet, smoking habits, sleep patterns and too little or excessive exercise. These stresses affect the nervous system which is connected to the spine, causing it to become unhealthy or subluxated. The subluxated spine results in symptoms which manifest themselves in a variety of ways including aches and pains.

Treatments and Techniques

Chiropractors use a variety of techniques according to their patient’s needs and wishes. Adjustments refers to the practise of manipulating vertebrae that show abnormal movement in the spine; using a variety of techniques that include activator, drop-piece, manual and traction. There is soft tissue therapy, generally known as massage and various forms of acupuncture that use pressure points, needles or electro-acupuncture. Exercise regimes and herbal or nutritional medications might also be used. If the Chiropractor concludes that drug treatment or surgery would also be required then they can provide a referral.


Chiropractors use various assessment techniques that are included as a part of their training; such as examining the strength of muscles, seeing how healthy the joints are and how flexible, the efficiency of nerves and other body functions. In the first instance a new patient may be asked to run through all aspects of their general health and medical history. There then follows a detailed physical examination before a diagnosis and recommendations for treatment. This may well be carried out in conjunction with the patient’s regular doctor.

Schedule of Care

The period of spinal rehabilitation depends upon the severity of the conditions and the age of the patient, but is normally a long term process. The ministrations of the chiropractor are often scheduled in conjunction with other treatments and adaptations to the patient’s lifestyle.

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