From accidents on the pitch to chronic strains and pains due to regular exercise, participating in physical activity can often lead to discomfort in the muscles and joints. Not only can unpleasant symptoms make life miserable, they can mean that you don’t play your best when it matters, potentially letting your team down or failing to achieve the personal best you’ve been working towards. Worse still, if left untreated a slight injury can escalate into a significant problem, meaning you have to reduce your sporting activity or even cease altogether until healing has occurred. In all these situations, it’s helpful to know that sports massage therapy hammondville can help.

What is sports massage therapy?
Massage therapy consists of a range of “hands on” techniques, involving a fully qualified and trained massage therapist manipulating the soft tissues of the affected body part in order to achieve an improvement in symptoms and assist the healing process. Specialised massage techniques are used to break down scar tissue, promote blood flow to a particular area (which increases the speed of healing), reduce inflammation and decrease adhesions or other soft tissue abnormalities which can impair function.

What are the benefits of massage therapy?
Many people find that they experience a reduction in pain or discomfort, as well as increased range of movement. This enables them to gradually resume normal activity, which in turn enhances muscle strength. As well as being used to treat injuries which have already been sustained, research indicates that massage therapy prior to a major sporting event as part of the warm up routine can help athletes perform more effectively as well as reduce the likelihood of injury.

Who should use sports massage therapy?
Although sports massage therapy is particularly useful for athletes, the techniques are suitable for anyone that wants to maintain their current fitness level and minimise the risk of injury. Many people find that a regular sports massage enables them to enjoy their exercise routine and maintain it, as they are less likely to need unscheduled days off due to strains and stiffness.

If you feel that sports massage therapy, or some other form of therapeutic massage, might be of benefit, why not get in touch with a local massage therapist and see what they can offer? For anyone living in the area in or around Hammondville (East Hills, Pleasure Point, Wattle Grove or Holsworthy, for example) we offer a comprehensive range of massage therapy services at the Liverpool Chiropractic Clinic which may make a significant different to your health and well-being.

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