A massage therapy session isn’t just an indulgent treat which is a perfect way to unwind and relax, it also has the potential to improve a wide range of health conditions, relieving pain and enhancing mobility as well as increasing well-being. If you haven’t tried therapeutic massage before, or aren’t sure if it would be suitable for you, read on to discover why so many people are opting for this non-invasive, effective treatment.

A range of useful therapeutic effects
A variety of massage therapy techniques are available at out Liverpool Chiropractic Clinic, each of which has a slightly different action on the body. Lymphatic drainage techniques, for example, are specifically intended to move fluid away from the extremities towards the body’s core, reducing unpleasant swelling. Remedial massage involves intensive work on a particular area of the body following a trauma. It can facilitate the breakdown of scar tissue and also increase blood flow to the area, enhancing the body’s natural healing powers. Your therapist can determine which form of massage will best suit your needs, ensuring you receive a customised and appropriate treatment.

What can massage therapy be used to treat?
Both chronic and acute injuries respond well to massage therapy. Reducing swelling, enhancing blood flow to a particular area, decreasing muscle spasm and assisting in softening and decreasing scar tissue are all significant effects of therapeutic massage. Commonly used to treat muscle strains and tears, painful backs and joint problems, massage can also assist in the healing of soft tissue injuries and in enhancing mobility and strength. It can also assist with many mental health conditions, with research showing that frequently depression and anxiety sufferers find some easement through a programme of massage treatments.

Advantages of massage therapy
Massage doesn’t require the use of drugs or surgery, so is ideal to use as a valuable addition to an existing treatment regime. It can be widely tolerated, enabling people with pre-existing conditions, the elderly or children to benefit as well as patients who might find other forms of treatment unsuitable. Some therapists will perform home visits, although most people prefer to find a local massage practice and have their sessions there such as our Chiropractor in Liverpool.

If you’re living or working in or around the Liverpool then why not get in touch and see how massage therapy in liverpool sydney could help you or your family? Providing a professional service to patients from Casula, Warwick Farm, Mount Pritchard and Ashcroft, we will be delighted to provide further information on therapeutic massage and the benefits it brings.

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