The ancient art of massage has been around for literally centuries. As early as BC 2330, archaeological records show that our ancestors utilised massage for everything from treating aching muscles to encouraging glowing, youthful skin. In modern day Australia, record-breakingly high levels of stress are being reported (http://www.psychology.org.au/npw/survey/), and this is even true of your local Sydney suburb, Prestons. A massage may be just what you need to relax and unwind.

The shere variety of massage makes it appealing; with a bit of research you can find the right tailor-made treatment for you. For example, reflexology massage involves applying pressure to the hands and feet, with the underlying logic that these are connected to the rest of the body, thus setting off a pain-killing domino effect. On the other hand, stone massages utilise the heat-retaining properties of the material to harness the healing power of warming the muscles. Anma massage may be suitable for the more bashful amongst you, a traditional Japanese massage where pressure is exerted on a fully-clothed body. You can get massages for all the family, with specialised pediatric massage for children, using techniques which account for the more delicate structures within infants.

For some, massage is a necessary part of a job. Most serious sportspeople swear by massage. Indeed, some of the first Greek Olympians has special trainers on staff, ‘aleiptes’, whose sole purpose was to rub their sore muscles with oil in a rudimentary sports massage. Also known as manual or manipulative therapy, sports massage usually involves applying pressure to muscles to improve their position, flexibility or relationship to other muscles. This can help treat soreness and stiffness associated with vigorous sporting activity, or even just relieve stress from the high-pressure competitive environment.

Nonetheless, you could argue massage is just a tradition, just another non-conventional, ineffective ritual. But you would be wrong! There are stacks of medical evidence denoting the benefits of massage. For instance, massage is commonly used to treat back pain, and has been shown to be a more economical and effective solution than other medical interventions (http://chirocarolinacharlotte.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/ANNALS-OF-INTERNAL-MED-A-review-of-evidence-for-the-effectiveness-safety-and-cost-of-ACU-MT-and-Spinal-Manip-for-back-pain.pdf). Similarly, massage may be an effective treatment for less obviously connected conditions, such as insomnia and autism (http://edzardernst.com/2013/02/massage-therapy-finally-some-positive-evidence/). Find a good, evidence-based massage performed by an appropriately qualified therapist, and you cannot go wrong!

Suburban Prestons is lucky to have access to the massage therapists at our Chiropractor in Liverpool are within easy reach of neighbouring suburbs Horningsea Park, Hinchinbrook, Lurnea and many more. Check out your local massage centre today and feel the stress of your work or leisure activities quickly melt away.

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