Massage therapy is a treatment that focuses on the soft tissues of your body. It can help to aid your general physical and emotional wellness by relieving pain, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

What having massage involves

On your first visit to a massage therapist in Wattle Grove, you will need to answer some general questions about your health and lifestyle. If, following your initial consultation, the therapist is concerned that massage therapy may interfere with your health, they may ask you to seek approval from your GP. In general, it is rare that your GP will refuse to provide you with their consent.

If you are a suitable candidate for massage therapy, you will usually need to lie on a massage table for your treatment. Depending on your preferences, your massage therapist in Wattle Grove may treat your whole body or concentrate on a specific area. If you have requested whole body treatment, you will need to lie face down for the first half, and then on your back for the remainder of your treatment.

In general, a massage therapist in Wattle Grove will rub, press and otherwise manipulate the soft tissues of your body. The amount of pressure they apply will vary, depending on the type of massage you have chosen to receive.

Massage techniques, by our Liverpool chiropractor, range from being brisk and vigorous to slow and gentle. Gentler techniques, such as aromatherapy, focus on stimulating your nerve endings, possibly encouraging the release of feel-good chemicals called endorphins and relieving sensations of pain and discomfort. Stronger methods, such as Swedish massage, aim to improve your blood flow, helping to relax your muscles and ease any knotted tissues that may be causing you pain and stiffness.

Side effects of massage

Most people do not experience any side effects following massage therapy. However, there is a chance you may feel light headed, sleepy or thirsty afterwards. Your massage therapist in Wattle Grove will be aware of these potential side effects and will advise you accordingly. They will schedule your appointment so that you can recover in your own time and do not feel rushed to leave their clinic.

Contacting a massage therapist in Wattle Grove

It is very important that you seek a qualified and insured massage therapist in Wattle Grove to receive the treatments you desire. Please call to arrange a visit with the massage therapist today.

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